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Most people have seen a PowerPoint presentation before, but those that haven't created one often think it's complicated or time-consuming to create their own PowerPoint presentation. It's not! Explore ideas for using this time-saving and engaging tool in your classroom in our feature article, Powerful PowerPoint.

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Why reinvent the wheel when there's a wealth of resources online? Sometimes there's good reason. Every school, classroom, and teacher are different, and sometimes you just like doing things your own way. Unfortunately, most websites don't allow or make it easy for you to modify their content to your needs.

TeacherTechToolkit's templates are different. We won't pretend to be able to produce magical documents that will solve all of life's problems. Instead, we provide starting points: Microsoft Word documents that contain content that will save you time and allow you to easily create great-looking materials, but give you the flexibility to customize everything. You're free to use these templates, free of charge, for any reason. Enjoy!

Our templates collection is just getting started, so we'd love to hear from you. Have ideas for templates you'd like to see? Have you downloaded one of our templates and made it better? Have other templates you'd like to share? Let us know by emailing Lewis Leiboh.

General Templates
  • Generic Assignment
    Template containing space for assignment title, student name and date. Use this template to save time when creating new assignments, and maintain a consistent look across all of your assignments.
  • Lesson Plan
    Lesson plan template contains space for a week-long overview, plus space for each day. Originally designed for a single-subject teacher (e.g. middle school math), but could easily be modified for other uses.
  • Rubric
    Rubric contains spaces for grading categories and score descriptions. Contains 4 categories and 4 scores, but is easily modifiable to contain more or less.

Diagram Templates
  • T-Chart
    Simple T-chart with modifiable column titles.
  • Venn Diagram (2-set)
    Venn diagram with two overlapping circles. Text in each area is modifiable.
  • Web
    Idea web can be used for prewriting. Circular shape with six customizable branches extending from the center.

Math Templates
  • Bar Graph
    Bar graph of the Favorite Colors of surveyed students. Title, labels, and categories can all be modified.
  • Blank Bar Graph
    Blank bar graph that students can use as a starter when drawing bar graphs. Title, labels, and categories can all be modified.
  • Circle Graph
    Blank circle graph includes light lines every 5% to make it easy for students to shade in the correct percentage.
  • Double Bar Graph
    Example double bar graph of CD purchases, by Genre, in 2000 and 2003. Title, Labels, and Categories can all be modified.
  • Histogram
    Histogram of basketball player heights, grouped every five inches. Title, labels, and categories can all be modified.
  • Stacked Bar Graph
    Stacked Bar Graph of favorite colors, with stacks to separate 7th and 8th graders. Title, labels, and categories can all be modified.



Questions? Comments? Contact Lewis Leiboh.