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Most people have seen a PowerPoint presentation before, but those that haven't created one often think it's complicated or time-consuming to create their own PowerPoint presentation. It's not! Explore ideas for using this time-saving and engaging tool in your classroom in our feature article, Powerful PowerPoint.

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Welcome to! Shouldn't integrating technology into the classroom be less trouble than it's worth, not more? Need ideas for using technology in classrooms with few (or even one) comptuer? Get technology out of your way, and let TeacherTechToolkit help you use it to save you time and to light up your classroom in ultra-engaging ways.

TeacherTechToolkit's templates won't pretend to be magical documents that will solve all of life's problems. Instead, we provide starting points: documents that contain content that will save you time and allow you to easily create great-looking materials, but give you the flexibility to customize everything. All for the low, low cost of absolutely free.

Articles and information on technology integration in the classroom. Why use PowerPoint in the classroom? What if you only have one computer, and no computer lab? The answers to these questions and more, in TeacherTechToolkit's Features.

Excellent Websites
Finding good educational websites out there sometimes feels a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our list of excellent websites is intentionally small. We won't waste your time, but instead provide you with high-quality resources that we think are likely to save you time and give you some great ideas.



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